Contract or expand silence passage in accompaniment track

    Many of the arias contain so called cadenzas. Generally speaking, a cadenza is an ornamental passage sung by a soloist , usually in a "free" rhythmic style without tempo and therefore requires a corresponding pause in the accompaniment. The pause (or silent passage) in our accompaniments can sometimes differ from your interpretation or your singing style and you may need to shorten or expand it. To make such a change you have two possibilities:

    1) you can measure exactly the length of the silence you would like to obtain (in seconds) and write to us. We will adjust your file exactly according your needs. 

    2) you can easily adjust the cadenza silence by yourself using other audio software. There is a lot of free audio editors which you can download from internet, for instance: Power Sound Editor, Audacity, MP3DirectCut, Music Editor Free, Wavosaur, Traverso DAW, etc. To contract or expand the silent period in the accompaniment file, open the copy of your accompaniment file in one of these editors. Never work with the original file since you can damage or destroy it. Now, if you want to shorten the length of the silence, find it visually or by listening and select a portion of the silence you want to remove, then simply delete it. If you need to expand the silence, there is usually a function like Generate Silence or similar, or you can simply select part of silence and copy it. A portion of silence of the length of your selection is added to your track. Please consult help file of corresponding software for exact procedure. 

    You can also use this software for changing the tempo of parts of the track or of the whole track. The Tempo Change or Time Stretch function allows you to slow down or speed up the desired section. However, such changes can be made only up to a certain degree, otherwise the process can distort the file and imperfections could be audible. For general tempo changes in the accompaniments please contact us, we can make it for you.


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